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If you are currently hauling with the family, you are eligible for

Drive-on Advance.

How it works:

1. Contact our vendor(s), Truck Pro, Fleet Pride and/or The Family Maintenance to obtain a part purchase statement and/or repair quote.​


2. Take a picture of the purchase statement received from our vendor(s) showing the part(s) and cost of the part and/or repair.

3. Complete the part purchase request form (on this page) and attach a copy of the part purchase statement and/or repair quote.

Kemet solutions will review your hauling activity and verify your eligibility based on the tickets you have turned in.​ We purchase and pick up the part, which you can pick up at our office and, if applicable, pay the approved cost of the repair. The total cost plus a 10% fee will be deducted from your upcoming pay.



Please fill out the following form completely with attached invoice/quote from our partner company.

For what are you requesting funds?

Invoice(s) issued by parts dealer/repair shop must be attached to this request and match totals entered above.

Part Invoice
Repair Quote

Terms and Conditions:  By completing this form and attaching your repair invoices/estimates  and/or part quotes you are authorizing Kemet Advance to purchase said parts and /or pay for said repairs on your behalf.  The amount paid by Kemet Advance  plus a fee of 10% of the total payment  made will be deducted from your upcoming paycheck issued from Kemet Solutions to satisfy the debt incurred.  Kemet Advance holds no responsibility or liability nor offers any warranty or guarantee for any part(s), services or repairs related to this transaction.

Thanks for submitting!

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