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Kemet Advance understands the necessity for Trucking Companies to access immediate funding to facilitate all their needs in the rapidly moving trucking and logistics industry.

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Emergency Funding for unexpected breakdowns or repairs.

Breakdowns and repairs are a costly part of the trucking industry. Unfortunately, these expenses arise unexpectedly.  Not having the funds to cover the expenses immediately, means longer down times, and loss of income, which further diminishes the bottom line of the company. Kemet Advance exists to alleviate this problem, by providing rapid access to needed funds.

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Funding to Upgrade or Increase your Fleet.

Upgrading or increasing your fleet is a necessary expense to ensure continued growth of a company.  With access to funding to upgrade your current vehicles or purchase new vehicles, your company to grow exponentially.  Good credit, bad credit, no credit;  Kemet advance can get an established business access to these needed funds.

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