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There is a need for a revolution in the dump truck industry and through a mastermind group founded by Kemet Solutions, came the idea of forming a group, now called "THE FAMILY" as a way to bring about the change needed in this industry.

Our Vision


THE FAMILY is a group of business owners that understand the benefit of cooperation, "Together we are stronger!" 


It is our desire that all who are part of THE FAMILY will grow not only in their business, but also grow personally.  Through collaboration with other Family members, exchanging ideas, resources, and through helping others succeed, each member of the family finds the joy of prosperity and success in the dump truck industry, and with that success helps to build a legacy.

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THE FAMILY is a not a Company, but rather a group of like-minded business owners.  This collaberative idea was birthed by Kemet Solutions. Members of THE FAMILY are haulers that work with Kemet Solutions.  Through an exceptional reputation with many clients in the area and being recognized as a company that provides service with professionalism and integrity, Kemet Solutions has been able to secure lucrative hauling rates.  These rates are also secured by the commitment to meet client expectations through "THE FAMILY" resources.

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