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About Us
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Our Vision

Kemet Solutions desires to bring new, creative and innovative ideas to the dump truck industry.  Through the utilization of technology, fleet connectivity, and the integrity and experience of our dedicated staff members, we service the logistic needs of our clients, Kemet Solutions is dedicated to performing the best service possible for the needs of our customers!"

Our Services

Kemet Solutions provides our clients with a fleet of over 20 trucks operated with integrity and accountability for the products we deliver, whether it be aggregates, asphalt, concrete or millings.  We also have a tracking system to ensure our clients who pay hourly rates are getting exceptional service during the hours they are being billed.

Our Solutions

Kemet Solutions' creative staff has developed it's own mobile app system to facilitate the changing needs of our clients.  Through our system, utilizing GPS tracking, data analytics, and fleet connectivity, we have created a fluid routing system that can be adjusted "on the fly" to service the immediate needs of our Customers and ensure they have what the need when they need it. 

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