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Available Work When it Rains
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One of the major problems faced by many business owners and operators is consistency of work during inclement weather.  Countless veteran drivers say "when it rains, we don't have any work."  This is detrimental to small business operators, as there can be weeks of work lost every year, amounting to thousands of lost dollars.

Part of the vision of The Family is to provided consistent work to all its members.  Consistent work in this industry is a must, not only for the owners and operators, but also for our clients who are often on very strict deadlines, and still need service.  No longer do single truck operation have to watch the rain from the house, but through the power of The Family, they are able to work regardless of the weather.  The idea that "Together we are stronger" is proven by the fact that members of The Family work even when it is raining.  

Logistic Support & Assistance

The Family provides logistic support to its members utilizing technology for maximum efficiency.

The family has experienced personnel that provides logistic support to all its operators.  Our experienced General Manager, through the use of cutting edge technology and GPS is able to direct and redirect all of The Family drivers instantaneously as needed.  This not only saves time and miles lost when drivers are needed to be routed to a new location, but also enables drivers to get more loads.

This technology also allows drivers to clock in and clock out through the integrated tablet system, placed in each truck, as well as provides instant communication to each driver directly through the tablet system.

VIP Mechanic Service

"My truck was down for three weeks waiting for a  repair that only took a few hours once it made it on the rack. I had to take it back the next day and I lost another two days work because it wasn't fixed right the first time."

Repairs can be the most costly issue that can arise for an operator.  Not only are the repairs costly but the money lost each day the truck is down is even more costly.  Through connections made by the Family, our members have exclusive access to highly experienced mobile dump truck mechanics offering exclusive, VIP Express, onsite service to members of The Family Maintenance Program, which could turn down time from days to only hours.

Business & Systems Support

Many dump truck operators are experts in driving, but not all are experts in business.  Our experienced staff as well as some of our Family Members, have extensive knowledge in the area of business, accounting, software systems and integration, personal growth, budgeting, and many other areas of expertise.

These experienced individuals are available to all the Family members and they are more than willing to provide knowledge from their areas of expertise to help each one of our members become more successful. 

"It's all in the family!"

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