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"It's All in the Family!"

Our Vision
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The Family is a group of business owners that understand the benefit of cooperation, "Together we are stronger!" 

It is our desire that all who are part of the Family will grow not only in their business, but grow personally by collaboration with other Family members, exchanging ideas, resources, and through helping others succeed.

Our Solution

By banding together with other like-minded business owners, we are able to provide clients with the services they expect from big corporations that have a large fleets and extensive assets.This cooperation allows the smaller operators with only one or a few trucks, to be able to gain the benefits of having a large fleet, and help yield maximize profits.

Our Services

As a member of the Family, owners have access to all the services the family provides:


            Work in the Rain

          Logistic Support & Assistance

          Priority Road-Side Service

          Office & Accounting Support

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